While reading Mel Daniel’s book The Power of Content I had an epiphany:

The strategic plans I create for clients aren’t merely financial plans. They are holistic plans. 

Yes financial analysis and strategy is a part of it, but only insofar as it supports the greater vision of my clients.

And that is why I don’t mention scaling to 6 or 7 figures in my marketing.

Truth is every client I have worked with leaves with a plan to earn well over $100k per year.

But what motivates them execute that plan is that it supports them in life such as:  

having the financial stability to provide pro bono work without burning out

– having recurring income to enable them to travel more

– having a business that supports their self care rather than working in their PJs and relying on take away and dry shampoo.

It’s not about the 6 figures. It’s about the stuff that surrounds the 6 figures: their goals, values, time and lifestyle.

I am so passionate about working through this with my clients that,
on a whim, I’ve decided to take you through the process in a workshop which I will be running live in the next month.

Following the workshop I’ll be launching the Finance in Flow Society where we will work through the planning, reviewing and refining of these plans together.

(If you just want to get the plan done for you, the Baseline to Blue Sky package is just that. )


Book a chat if you want to know more about any of these offers.


Have a lovely week,