SERVICES for business growth & lifestyle balance

SERVICES for business growth and lifestyle balance

Wealth coaching packages

I offer a number of packages tailored to specific business needs. These have been designed to suit where you currently sit in your business journey and what you want to invest in; whether it be growth, realignment or consolidation.

Week of Wealth

The Flow Society

Baseline to Bluesky

Working with the Flow Society

When I work with business owners, it’s important that we look at your whole business and how it’s working for you. We will get into the detail behind the numbers and the processes. We’ll also consider your own vision and values, how you feel about your business and if it’s serving you in the way you want it to.

Design your business future

The Flow Society Shape Your Business Model

Understanding and addressing your values and lifestyle goals, and how can you meet them while running your successful business. Identify your profit drivers and your passion projects and find out how can you maintain both. Compare financial implications of different options to strategically design your business’ future.

Organised, In Control & Automated

The Flow Society Shape Your Business Model

Looking at processes, systems and easy to use templates relating to your finances, business and lifestyle. What systems can be put in place to ensure you have all the information you need? How can they be improved? How can you structure your day so that you have time for yourself? 

Forecast & Budget for Success

The Flow Society Shape Your Business Model

Identifying the months during which you should save and when (and on what!) you should spend. Finding the answers to questions like how many clients do you need each month to pay rent and meet your commitments? How can you get help, and how much can you afford to spend on it?

Inspired & Aligned

The Flow Society Shape Your Business Model

I pay particular attention to learning about my clients’ values and long-term plans in order to provide a holistic view of their business as well as their lifestyle. The big question here is if you love being in your business, and if not how can we fix that?

What exactly is a Business Wealth Coach anyway!?

Maybe it’s easier to pinpoint what a Wealth Coach isn’t!  I’m not your accountant or your financial planner, I won’t do your BAS, your tax return or arrange a mortgage for you. I also won’t get too woo-woo, I’m not a money mindset coach either. What I will do is help you get the absolute best from your business in a way that is aligned to your values, your lifestyle desires and what motivates and inspires you. Together we will shine a light on every aspect of your business: your product mix, your pricing, your profitability, your plan and your purpose to understand how we can make it work for you. The aim is to create the wealth that you want in money terms so you can love working in your small business and have the financial freedom to live a life that fulfils you and your goals.

Week of Wealth

The Week of Wealth is the door to clarity around your results so you can feel confident and in control of your business’ direction and financial success.

Is this right for you?

You see the lifestyle you want but you don’t know if it’s in your budget – or how to make sure it is.

You wish you could have someone show you what your numbers mean and how to use them to make solid decisions.

You are looking for a numbers person to be more cheerleader than drill sergeant.

What to expect:

Eliza will go through your current financial reports with you and clarify the story behind them.

This includes what to look for in your reports, and how to use them to make decisions.

Eliza will be on hand to answer any niggling number questions such as:

  • Are your offers profitable?
  • How to use your numbers to verify your ideas
  • When will you know you are ready to scale to the next level?

The Flow:

During the 60 minute consult you will cover:

> 1) Complete a pre-consult questionnaire so Eliza can understand your current business including your challenges and opportunities.

> 2) Attend your one hour consult where Eliza will review your numbers, answer questions and make recommendations 

> 3) Eliza will be on hand to provide further feedback and answer questions for the week following the consult.

The Investment: $497

The Flow Society

Community, expertise and service are my strongest core values and so I am SO excited to combine them and offer the Flow Society. This ongoing group program will provide you with the training, expertise and accountability to use your numbers to better your business.

Is this right for you?

This is for the business owner who wants to build a sustainable business AND life. You don’t have the time or money to stuff around and see – you want to make solid, evidence-based decisions, you want to know fast what is working (and what isn’t) and  you want a financial expert to teach you how to read your numbers and not be a slave to your accountant.

What to expect:

This is an ongoing group program that will focus on creating a financially and life-sustaining business.

Included in the program will be:

  • Trainings
  • Templates
  • Quarterly, private 1:1 reviews
  • Support, guidance, knowledge-sharing

The Flow:

> 1) Monthly trainings on financial know-how, business strategy, pricing, outsourcing. That is, all things growing and scaling profitably.

> 2) Monthly group calls to ask questions, seek feedback and workshop issues.

> 3) Monthly co-working sessions where we review our numbers together and investigate our latest ideas.

> 4) All with Eliza’s expertise, empathy and guidance.

The Investment: $100 per month

Minimum 3 months.

Baseline to Bluesky: Uncover All Your Actions & Opportunities

The Baseline to Bluesky is a detailed program that takes a deep dive into your business. I review your financial performance and also your own personal and business goals to understand how your business aligns to that vision. It will lift the lid on your business as a whole and give you absolute clarity on what you need to do now and next.

Is this right for you?

Has running your own business not turned out as you planned? It was supposed to allow you to do what you love and fit in around your lifestyle, but instead you seem to work all of the hours without turning the profit you want. Taking a day off seems like a luxury!

Maybe you’ve built a successful business but you’re not sure where to go next or you’re rethinking your business model but not sure what the right move is.

If you want to get total clarity of how to make your business really work, then this program is for you.

What to expect

Get a clear roadmap on how to hit your lifestyle, financial and business goals:

  • Feel in control and put to rest any feelings of doubt or unease in your business
  • Clarity on which of your offers are selling and which ones are profitable
  • Get qualified ideas for new products and optimum pricing
  • A clear picture on the best business model for you and recommended changes
  • Feel motivated, focused and inspired, and love being in your business again!

The Flow:

> 1) In depth Discovery Session: To kick things off I’ll spend time with you to get a detailed understanding of what’s working for you and what isn’t in your business as well as discussing your values, goals, pain points and budgets

> 2) Financial Checklist: I’ll need some financial information from you – whether that be P&Ls or raw data, price lists as well as goals, budgets and data from other periods

> 3) Analysis & Options: I get into the nitty gritty and complete a comprehensive analysis of all the available data

>  4) Recommendations & Action Plan: We’ll connect again in a one-on-one planning session so I can share a detailed report discussing your current business status and what you can do next: ideas for new products, a more effective product mix, pricing and business model all with your overall goals in mind 

The Investment: $2,500

The Flow Society Eliza Ludwig Business Wealth Coach

I love working with sole traders, entrepreneurs and small businesses, advising them on their strategic choices to help them build sustainable businesses.

I love working with sole traders, entrepreneurs and small businesses, advising them on their strategic choices to help them build sustainable businesses.

The Flow Society Eliza Ludwig Business Wealth Coach

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