… Is feeling watched AND judged.


We blow the leaves and flowers from the footpath in front of the dental surgery to ensure the surgery is accessible. I have never really thought about whether I was doing something wrong. I knew why I was doing it.


The other day as I was blowing, a car slowed and followed me as I slowly made my way up the footpath. I suddenly panicked, thinking this person was going to tell me I had blown a rock at their windscreen or that I shouldn’t blow leaves or any number of reasons why what I was doing might be wrong in their eyes.

I was so scared I was doing something wrong, I avoided looking at the car.

This went on for a few meters. Then the car window went down. Now I really freaked, and turned away from the road.

“Hey babes!” said the driver.

It was my husband. He had just dropped our son at school and saw me there.

But the thing is, rather than see everything was fine. or feel confident in what I was doing I avoided the situation.

I am embarassed to admit, I do this a lot.

I so want to avoid confontration, I sometimes I avoid happy surprises.

I do this in my business, too.

Too worried I’ll upset someone, I don’t call out things I feel could be improved.

Too worried I won’t get the copy perfect, I don’t release new offers.

Too worried I’ll upset loyal clients, I don’t pivot.

Of course, I see this with clients too.

Too worried their businesses won’t sustain their lifestyle, they don’t look at their P&L.

Too scared they are overspending, they avoid their bank statements.

Too concerned they’ll be told they are wrong, they don’t seek professional help with their money.

You know what I’ve found to be true?

There are more happy surprises with my clients then there are worst nightmares.

Another thing I know to be true?

There are always options to make things better.

So if there is something you are avoiding in life or busines, don’t be too scared to look. It may be the best surprise ever.

And if you are avoiding looking at your numbers, book a Finance in Flow consult where in a gentle hour you will see the endless opportunities you have in your business.