The earth is always in a state of ebb and flow.

Rising tides, falling tides.
Sun rises, sunsets.
Time for work, time for rest.
Economic upturn, economic downturn.

I completely understand that this is scary AF. Especially when these thoughts are running through your head in the middle of the night:

“I really want to grow my business this year, but with the economy what it is I may as well give up.”
“I need to cut costs to pay my mortgage, but how will I find the time or knowledge to do everything I need to do to keep up the momentum?”
“No-one is buying and I’m panicking.”

The fact is, the USA got out of the depression by spending, not saving. The trick is spending in the right places.

Here are some mistakes I see:

1. People overspend on “cheap fixes” that rarely fix the issues.
2. People don’t spend at all., neglecting issues that need addressing.

How do you know where to spend and where to save?

a) Know what products or services drive your profit.
b) Understand your values and goals for 2023.
c) Understand role each product or service plays in your business (eg cash driver, profit driver, lead generator).


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