I may have a background in accounting, but boy do I love me some marketing.

I am back talking about one of my favourite shops, Hypmotive Hub. In the lead up to Mother’s Day, they invited a group of local mums to morning tea at the shop. We met each other, talked about our “mums in business” journeys, and picked three things we’d love to receive on Mother’s Day.

I love this for three reasons.

ONE. Community

Community is something that traditional marketing struggles to get right. My immediate thought when the Youi man tells me “gets me” is to say “no you don’t.” So I loved this chance for the outlet to really truly try and get me.

If you are the business owner, although this could be daunting, running a real life event will give you a chance to get more accurate feedback and, most likely, sales.

TWO. Consistent messaging

The event combined their three taglines of Shop, Meet, Hang. We did indeed do all three and I think we all felt a bit sad to be going back to our normal work day.

It encapsulates what Hypmotive is about, and what I have come to expect from them – innovation, personal connection and a foot firmly in the community.

THREE. New perspective

I remember a speech therapist telling me not to ask children: “What’s that?” They are looking and thinking about so many things, it is hard for them to know where to start.

The same can be said of retail outlets. Would you define a store as selling clothing and jewelry, or women’s wear? Is Hypmotive an art gallery or an accessories shop? These definitions can all be true, of course, but on this day, we saw Hypmotive as a place to buy Mother’s Day gifts. It was the best Mother’s Day Stall you have ever seen!

In the future, similar events could be run with different focuses. Maybe on wedding gifts or starting a home art collection.

Next time you are wondering how else to appeal to your target market, here are three things that worked so well for the Hypmotive Mother’s Morning Tea event:

  1. Start with your tagline. How does it relate to your avatar? How can you put it into action?
  2. Do something unexpected. A sponsored post on social media is unlikely do as much as communicating directly – in person – to your target market will.
  3. Show your customers your products in a different light. When looking at your business as a whole, it’s easy to get lost in all the offerings. Highlight one product.

I love hearing about new marketing ideas. Have you heard any recently you can share?

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PS This is not sponsored post. Tea and biscuits were free, but no gifts were given. I wrote this of my own accord. I just loved the concept and wanted to share it with you all.