Before I had even decided what services to offer, I knew I wanted to call my business Bread.

I often get asked if it was my maiden name or if I had it from a bakery I might have once owned. Well, no on both counts but I thought I’d give a little explanation.

Bread is simple to make with only a few ingredients – flour, yeast, water and salt. The ingredients go through a transformation to become bread. This isn’t unlike budgeting. You take a few ingredients – invoices, bills and plans –  put them together, and you have the bare bones of a budget.

Bread is natural, adaptable and sustaining. It’s been made for centuries, we can still find innovations and it is still a part of many of our diets. That has got to be a good omen. Not to mention I really believe that budgeting (and accounting) can be natural, adaptable and sustaining.

Finally, bread is a euphemism for money (as is dough). Given my business is predominantly about money, using bread in my business name made sense.

Eagerly (and sadly) awaiting school to go back so I can get back in the swing of things.

Enjoy your day everyone,