My Manifesto Is this...

Over the holidays I have taken one step back from 2016 in order to move five steps forward in 2017.

Last year, I was so keen to jump in to my business, I did not take the time to clearly define what I do and why. It was in my head, but I was unable to articulate it to others. Without that, why would anyone chose to listen to me or engage my services? So today I want to define that for the world.

I find vision and mission statements confusing, overlapping and, honestly, D U L L, I thought I would wrap these both up in a manifesto. Merriam-Webster defines a manifesto as:

a written statement declaring publicly the intention, motives or views of its issuer.

I started with what I have already clearly defined – my values and my services.

My values are simplicity, quality and harmony. I want that for my personal life, but also for my – and my client’s – business. This translates into my services consisting of simple templates and action plans, quality discussions, analysis and proposals and plans that are harmonious with my client’s values.

What is my intention with these offerings and values?  I want to see businesses succeed and for everyone to lead fulfilled lives.

What motivates me to do this? Problem solving is my creative outlet and once I have started, I cannot stop. I also want to help people in my own way. To help them feel confident, happy and proud of what they are doing.

And finally, what are my views on the world around me, and Bread’s place within it? I am an idealist, and feel that every community should be self sufficient. Having local employment and businesses is central to that. Enabling people and communities to exist outside capital city’s central business districts is the way of the future, and I’d like to be part of making that a reality in my own tiny way.

To wrap it all up in one sentence, I’d say my manifesto is to:

Help small business owners craft their perfect future.

Let’s get it started! Who is with me?