It took a village but the challenge is open!

2023 hasn’t been a year of hitting my goals. Instead, I have achieved things like allowing myself to take time off, challengeing misconceptions and asking for help (so much help).

In December I asked for help from no fewer than five people. (Thanks Mel, Michelle, Suzanne, Elfie and Lucie). It was kinda huge.

And the whole point of asking for help was to be able to bring my budgeting challenge (and up-coming course) into existence.


If you know me, you’ll know I am all about the meaning behind the numbers.

  • How will you use the profit you are chasing?
  • How can your past results show you what to focus on for 2024?
  • Are you building a business that brings fulfilment and joy?


Want to join now? You can. Here

The challenge is completely free and will be run between January 22nd and 25th.

I will be sharing more tips starting now to those who are signed up. The earlier you sign up, the more value you will get.

I am so excited to join you in getting our 2024 plan done with guidance,  ease and accountability. 

If 2023 taught me anything, it is that a) I know what I can’t do on my own; b) I can achieve so much more if I enlist help and c) that doesn’t make me lazy or stupid. (in fact, quite the opposite).