This week I got a letter from Centrelink saying I had failed to provide some information.

I predict endless lines. Endless forms. Endless documentation. And a mounting feeling that I have absolutely no idea what it is going on.

Honestly, the letter put me in a bit of a panic until I remembered one of Mum’s mantras.


I have been through this before and I made it out unscathed. I asked a lot of questions. I took TONS of paperwork. I took it slowly.

I will just repeat this process this time.


It’s not always easy to trust the process. In fact, it’s nearly impossible when we’re busy, worrying about the outcome and feeling a lack of control.

I see this in business all the time. Sure it’s not shared on the shiny Social Media accounts, but talking to friends, at networking events and clients I know it’s below the surface.


If you are worried about sales, go back to how you made your last 6 – 12 sales and repeat that process.

If you are worried you are not capable, go back to past times you felt incapable and repeat the process you used to prove you were.

If you are worried about money, go back through your spending and earning and see what processes you can repeat to earn more and spend less.

I know that I will get through this and all will be well. That if I avoided it, the worry and consequences would get worse. And that the only way through is through.

This is exactly why I designed the Finance in Flow consult. One to one time with me to spend asking questions, reviewing what you know and what can change so you see what you’d like to see. 

For Naomi, this meant a shift in focus in her business from that was time-heavy and marginallly profitable to one that could have a bigger impact on her clients and return far more profit.

For Laura this meant a review of the pricing and staff of one arm of her business as it was less profitable than the other arms.

I have space for two consults in September. I’d love to help you make this the most profitable quarter this year.