I am a finance coach for small businesses – especially in the professional services industries.

I specialise in programs that shift the mindset of small business owners around strategic planning and budgeting so they feel a sense of optimism for their future.

I empower them with simple tools, analysis, systems and processes to become more commercially savvy and build a scalable business that will flourish and is in harmony with their lifestyle and values.

Can I afford it?

I am a professional financial analyst who is passionate about budgets, and nobody understands better than I do how important it is for you to know your financial commitment before working with me.

Taste test

The good news is, you can meet me for a free 20-minute consultation first and see if you think we are a good fit.

Pick n Mix

Daunted and unsure whether you want to invest in the whole process? Get a sample of what I teach my clients.

Each module will provide you with the templates you need, guidance as to how to complete them and a call with me at the end to discuss your findings.

  • Values, Skills, Goals and Time Management¬† – $199
  • Cash flow budget and savings plan – $199
  • Review of your current financial reports with action plan – $199

These packages are for you if you have the time and motivation to do it yourself. You must be comfortable with your numbers or knowing where to find them.


Home delivery

I can also perform stand alone analysis of your current options, be they related to pricing, investments, growth strategies or business models. Every client is different and no templates are available. The price includes build of the template for your future use as well as completing the analysis and giving recommendations.

This package is right for you if you are mostly struggling with one decision but can’t decide how to progress.



The banquet

If you want someone to take all the pressure off you, in 2 – 3 phone calls I can get the information I need and present you with a report at the end which will show you ways of achieving your goals.

This is for you if you if you know you will struggle to find the time or motivation to complete the templates on your own. They are also for you if you are unsure how to find out the information (specifically financial information).

Packages start from $1247 depending on how many areas of analysis you want to examine.



Looking for someone to track your progress and keep you on track? I’M YOUR GIRL! I take all the pain out of looking at your numbers, by doing it for you and offering you suggestions and congratulations.

  • Send me reports from your accounting package
  • I’ll review these against your budget and goals
  • I’ll then send you a report with suggestions and analysis
  • Cost $297 per report or $997 for 4 quarterly report

Real Value

The real value of this investment in looking at your business’ strategy and financial projections will unfold over the ensuing weeks and months, while you are working with me and beyond. Our goal is to support you in running a sustainable, ethical business that allows you to live a life that you love.

Want to meet?

Contact Me! I am happy to meet for a free 20-minute consultation via phone or in a café, whichever you prefer.